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For more than 30 years, TFC designs and constructs high quality Cabin Emergency Evacuation Trainers (CEETs), Door and Service Trainers for all Airbus and Boeing, Bombardier, Embraer operators and others. Currently, our customer base counts more than 50 international airliners worldwide.
All designs, software development, manufacturing, construction and testing is performed in-house at our 16.000 m² facility in Velbert, Germany. Here we have our CATIA-based design and drawing department, our deep-drawing, pneumatic and electrical department, our door- and lacquering department and in-house software division.
A close combination of construction and training raises TFC in a unique position being always in connection with the latest innovations. At the same time, TFC is able to respond rapidly and effectively with product improvements to meet our customer’s specifications and needs. We deliver high quality products at reasonable costs within short lead times.
Our products exceed the latest EU-OPS regulations. Any type of aircraft can be represented by using original aircraft data and layouts. TFC devices are constructed using aircraft manufacturer’s data packages as well as customer’s unique specification and chosen layout. Each device is customized to the individual training  requirements.
Using own products in TFC operated training centers allows us to forward experience to our customers’ benefit.
Looking ahead, TFC also develops and installs Virtual Training Systems for both Laptop/Tablet user applications as well as a full virtual training environment using 3-D goggles for Emergency and Door Training, reducing the handling failure rate by 50%.

FSC provides a full service training solution to meet your training requirements on A320, A320neo, A330, B737, B747, B767, B777, B787 EMB170/190 and Do328JET.

Our in-house ATO is the type rating specialist for airlines as well as for self-sponsored programs.

FSC has currently several pilot provisioning programs running.

Additional services we offer are: Training at Home, Technical and Operational (simulator) support, Simulator Consultancy Services and Training and Regulatory (EASA) support.

FSC operates fourteen full flight simulators and three flight training devices in The Netherlands, Germany and Hungary.

FSC is a provider of training solutions for several Iranian airlines, already for many years!

AIR SUPPORT specializes in the provision of the pc-based flight planning software PPS Flight Planning System (PPS), incl. the integrated web-based briefing service CrewBriefing and a variety of valuable add-ons.

AIR SUPPORT is one of the world's leading suppliers of flight planning software solutions to private and commercial business aircraft operators, regional/charter/cargo/national airlines as well as military/utility operators. 

PPS includes all global route restrictions, worldwide updated NOTAMs, surface weather data along with wind- and significant weather charts based on original source data.

AIR SUPPORT delivers the most cost-efficient flight planning system with the best ROI. 

By continuously focusing on the customer's needs for flexibility and performance, AIR SUPPORT is the preferred partner for flight operation departments throughout the world. PPS Flight Planning is the world's most flexible flight planning solution and offers very low operating costs, resulting in the highest cost/benefit ratio. Additionally, PPS also supports automated data import from various scheduling/crew/maintenance systems and automated data export to present or future EFB solutions.

TRAX is the undisputed global leader in the aviation Maintenance and Engineering software industry. The TRAX Maintenance solution has been developed to provide the most comprehensive and advanced maintenance software solution available today. TRAX Maintenance has been selected by over one hundred and fifty airlines worldwide with fleets consisting of all types of aircraft.
TRAX Maintenance is a completely integrated product, which brings many associated benefits. Organizational efficiency gains can be substantial when using the software. Customer return on investment is quickly realized and many examples can be provided. Consistency throughout all our modules makes cross-training personnel much easier.
Due to the advent of new generation programming languages, the development time for products is significantly reduced. Therefore, customer requirements can be incorporated in a much more expedient manner. As most customers have their own unique requirements, the software can be adapted very quickly by using software switches to turn specific functionality on and off. This facility allows TRAX to maintain one core product while providing customers with software that meets their exact needs.
TRAX will continue to strictly focus its efforts in the aviation software market, concentrating on meeting customer requirements, as well as advancing technological features. TRAX will maintain its advantage over the competition by continuing to develop software that truly works for the customer by providing cutting-edge modern technology, world class support and strong customer relationships.
For more information visit www.trax.aero or email sales@trax.aero.

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