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Being a media partner with IAC 2018 would be an invaluable opportunity for you to sustain and broaden influences on the aviation industry in Iran, Middle East and beyond. Any enquires on this, feel free to send emails to with subject “Media Partnership with IAC 2018”. We’d be happy to hear from you and respond accordingly.

This site provides you with all the vital information about drones such as reviews, articles, video, guide, technical help in one place but presented in a structured way so you will able to find the right information efficiently and will able to understand it.

Airline Software s.r.o. ( is the biggest airline software and IT products database. It is the best intersection of airlines and software vendors, helping airlines to find desired solution and helping vendors to reach more customers. Through a new way of airline software marketing, the vision is to make all vendors and their products reachable for airlines. We offer various product listing, banner advertising, event listing, industry news, brokering and consulting.

Aviation Iran ( is the world's first English based Iranian aviation news website in the world. The aim of Aviation Iran is to spread knowledge about Iran’s aviation industry to the English-speaking international community. Starting in December 2015, Aviation Iran has gained popularity and become a primary source of information in the English-speaking world.

EIN Presswire has a distribution "foot-print" that includes millions of users of our EIN Newsdesk media monitoring services. We also maintain one of the world's leading media directories providing us with up-to-date contacts for media in every country andU.S.state. Further distribution is achieved via RSS, email, partner websites, and social media. We are both a destination (EIN Newsdesk) and a distributor (EIN Presswire) for news. In one place you can distribute your news to the targeted audiences you select and monitor news on that topic published by thousands of worldwide sources.

For more information or to try us FREE, please visit is a leading international directory for worldwide conferences and exhibitions. is equipped with a unique and comprehensive search that helps you find easily any event in any category or location.  Each event includes detailed information, like, description, dates, location, map, prices, link to the official event's website and more...

If you search for a conference or exhibition in areas such as Industry and manufacturing, Health and medicine, Technology and IT, Business and finance, sciences, education, services (banking, insurance, tourism, Hospitality and more), government, environment, life style and arts, you'll find it in

Iran B2B Trade Center

ecasb ( is an Industrial network of all Iranian and international companies which are involved in Iran Industrial projects. All companies can register on ecasb and introduce their capabilities in design, manufacturing and execution of projects.

Aviation Voice - the source of latest aviation news for you. Our goal is to be here and now with all aviation news in one place. No matter if you are a professional or enthusiast we spread the news for everyone.

Our team feels the passion for aviation and everything related to it and wants to share this with you. Our fields of interest include: Aircraft & Airports, Helicopters, Regulations & Safety, Aviation Training, UAV, MRO, Ground Handling etc. We want our work to speak louder than words and the Aviation Voice to be the only place you would like to be. Stay tuned at! Explore the world of Aviation Voice. 

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