ATR to Finalize Iran Air Deal

December. 25 2016

After Iran Air’s firm orders with Airbus and Boeing, the national carrier is set to secure a third major deal with ATR in the coming weeks.

The deal covers a firm order for 20 ATR 72-600 aircraft plus 20 options. Until the end of March 2017, Iran Air plans to receive 8 aircraft from Airbus and ATR, which is a part of the Airbus Group. Asghar Fakhrieh Kashan, Deputy Minister of Road and Urban Development announced that Iran Air is set to receive 1 A321 and 2 A330s before the indicated month.

ATR’s visit comes after a couple of busy weeks in Tehran where two major agreements concerning 180 aircraft have been signed. A delegation will arrive on Wednesday to lead the final negotiations with Iran Air. The signing ceremony is expected to take place during the week later.

Previously this week, an ATR 72-600 was spotted with full Iran Air livery. This aircraft along with an Airbus A321, also in full livery, will be among the first aircraft to be delivered to Iran Air. Iran Air’s CEO announced that the very first aircraft, the A321, will arrive in Tehran before Dey 1395 (19 January 2017).

In February 2016, when Iran Air and ATR first announced the deal, the list price was announced one billion euro for both the firm deal and options. Iran Air will reportedly provide with 15% of the funding while 85% will be financed by foreign companies.

In October 2016, Aviation Iran reported that Arak Airport will be one of Iran Air’s first ATR bases.

According to the Ministry, the 20 ATR 72-600s are valued at around 1 million US dollars. The Airbus and Boeing deals are worth less than 10 and 8,5 billion US dollars respectively.

Source: Aviation Iran

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