Aviation, Iran’s Biggest Industry after Oil and Auto

November. 17 2016

Managing Director of Kish Free Zone Organization Dr. Ali Asghar Mounesan has described aviation as the third biggest industry in Iran after oil and auto industries.

According to the Public Relations and International Affairs Department of Kish Free Zone Organization, Dr. Mounesan made the comments during the opening ceremony of the 8th edition of the International Air Show which kicked off in Kish island on Wednesday, November 16.

“Technology as the main factor behind global developments has played the most important role in creating the age of communication,” said Dr. Mounesan, highlighting the role of transportation networks in boosting sustainable growth across the world.

Dr. Mounesan described the invention of the airplane as human’s biggest accomplishment in the transportation field and the most important reason behind the rapid development of science and technology in the 20th century which has contributed to the global economic growth.

Dr. Mounesan also highlighted the significance of aviation industry and pointed to the fact that 25000 airliners in 50,000 air routes transfer passengers around the world.

He pointed to 2.5 trillion dollar income of aviation industry which has created nearly 60 million jobs around the globe and said over 3 billion passengers were carried on air services in 2013.

Dr. Mounesan also referred to the growing number of flights in Iran and said nearly 350,000 flights were operated in Iran in the current Persian calendar year (which started on March 21) when 25 million passengers were carried on air services.

Dr. Mounesan said it is estimated that air traffic will be doubled within the coming 15 years and the Middle East will witness the most significant growth in this regard.

He also touched on the role of the aviation sector in the tourism industry and said tourism sector is heavily reliant on the aviation industry.

KFZO chief said given the fact that Iran is among the top 10 tourism destinations across the world, it needs to modernize its aviation fleet.

He said aviation industry can contribute substantially to the growth of the country and needs special attention.

He said Iran’s aviation industry has the capacity of 5 billion dollar investment annually, adding that the country will require at least 400 new aircraft in 10 years.

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