First Iran-France Joint Taskforce on Transport

January. 16 2018

The first meeting of the Iran-France joint taskforce on Transport was held in Iran’s Ministry of Roads and Urban Development on Monday, January 15, 2018.

This meeting was chaired by Asghar Fakhrieh-Kashan, Iran’s Deputy Minister in International Affairs and Christian Esse Ei, member of France’s Environment and Sustainable Development Council, also representing France’s Minister of Transport.

The two sides discussed issues spanning different sectors of transport, which can be summarized as follows:

- Reviewing contracts for aircraft purchase between Iran, Airbus and ATR and their implementation.
- Reviewing the contract for purchase of radars between the French company, Thales, and Iran’s Airports and Air Navigation Company.
- Reviewing the contract for the purchase of software and upgrading meteorological systems between meteorological organizations of Iran and France.
- Training and educational cooperation between Iran’s MRUD and French organizations
- Transit and logistics cooperation with the aim of transferring goods between East Asia and Western Europe and turning Iran into a “logistics hub”
- Reviewing Iran Railways’ requests and needs with regards to purchasing parts and equipment
- Overview of cooperation in maritime and ports and defining areas of cooperation
- Negotiating present and future cooperation in road transport and purchasing Electronic Toll Collection (ETC) systems as well as feasibility studies for cooperation with French consulting firms
- Cooperation of French firms and companies with Imam Khomeini Airport City Company, as well as International Airports of Mashhad and Isfahan

Fakhrieh Kashan expressed his optimism with regards to the outcome of this first meeting and stated that a road-map has been designed for the French delegation’s trip to Iran, which will hopefully be finalized. The French official said that he has been tasked with promoting cooperation between the two sides by France’s Transport Minister, Élisabeth Borne.

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